Condoms for women. Condoms for sensitive skin. Condoms with spermicide.

Introducing MyBliss® Condoms

The condom industry needs to evolve. For too long women have had to buy garish, bright, male-focused condoms. Introducing condoms for women - MyBliss condoms made by women for women. 

We’re a female-owned start-up dedicated to bringing women alternative products that better protect and care for their bodies. 

Despite being a start-up, we’re working with the biggest condom manufacturers in the world to bring you the latest technology in condom design. 

Our condoms use the innovative, buttercup packaging. Instead of the standard, square condom wrapper, we’re using buttercup packaging that looks more like a coffee pod. This innovative design makes opening a condom wrapper simple and easy. 

The condoms are ultra-thin to heighten the feeling between you and your partner (our primary research found that the majority of subjects voted ultra-thin condoms as the best condoms for pleasure). We’ve made sure to only use PH-friendly ingredients to prevent against vaginal infections like thrush. Furthermore, the condoms are safe for sensitive skin. 

Spermicides, fragrances and lubricants can irritate vaginas so our condoms are made without spermicide or fragrances.

We’ve also designed our boxes and condom wrappers to be stylish and discrete so not even your mother-in-law would know what they were.

  • 12 Condoms 
  • Ultra thin (around 0.045mm thick)
  • Natural latex & silicone oil 
  • Super strong 
  • Vegan certified 
  • CE certified
  • Triple tested for safety
  • No nasty scent 
  • Easy to open 

    Try MyBliss Condoms now. 

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