How do you use MyBliss condoms? 

1. First, check that the condom packaging is intact, that it’s within the expiry date and that it carries the CE mark. Pull the foil flap to open the condom packaging taking care to handle the condom carefully, including removal from the package so as to avoid damage to the condom by fingernails, jewellery, etc. Take the condom out of its packaging prior to immediate use.

2. The condom should be placed on the erect penis before any contact occurs between the penis and the partner’s body to assist in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. 

3. Hold the condom teat between your thumb and finger making sure that the condom is the right way for unrolling (the roll must be outside). Squeezing the teat end expels air from the condom, reducing the chance of it bursting during use.

4. Using your other hand unroll the condom down the entire length of the penis, while still holding the teat. Make sure the condom stays in place during sex. If you feel the condom slipping off stop and check that the condom is still in place. Check if the condom feels like it is tightening excessively onto the penis because this might lead to breakage.

5. Withdraw the penis soon after ejaculation, while holding the condom firmly in place at the base of the penis. Only when the penis is completely withdrawn can you remove the condom. Make sure you keep the penis and used condom away from the vagina and anus. After use make sure you dispose of the condom hygienically. 


Where are MyBliss condoms made? 

We’re working with the biggest condom manufacturers in the world to bring you the latest technology in condom design. Our condoms are made in Malaysia. 


What are MyBliss condoms made of? 

Our condoms are made from 100% natural latex. We use a silicone lubricant that is vagina safe and PH-friendly. 


Do MyBliss condoms contain spermicide?

MyBliss condoms are designed by women for women. We’ve made sure to only use PH-friendly ingredients to prevent against vaginal infections like thrush. Many women have reported increased irritation from spermicides so we do not use any potentially harmful chemicals. 


What is the length & width of MyBliss condoms? 

MyBliss condoms are 180mm (l) x 53mm (w). The condoms are ultra-thin (around 0.055-0.0065mm) to heighten the feeling between you and your partner.


What is the effectiveness of MyBliss condoms? 

MyBliss condoms are CE approved and electronically tripled tested. If used correctly (see instructions above), these condoms are 98% effective.  Instead of the standard, square condom wrapper, we’re using buttercup packaging that looks more like a coffee pod. This innovative, new design makes opening a condom wrapper simple and easy. It prevents ripping the condom and ensures the condom is used the right-way up; making it more effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  


When do MyBliss condoms expire? 

Each individual MyBliss condom has an expiration date on the back. Please make sure that your condom is within the expiration date to ensure you and your partner are properly protected. If the condoms is past it’s expiration there is a greater risk of tearing. 


How do I store MyBliss condoms? 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We’ve designed our condoms and packaging to be aesthetically pleasing and discrete enough that you can leave it on your bedside table without it being recognisable as a condom product.