Introducing the Limited-Edition, Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle

Introducing the Limited-Edition, Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle

Female-founded wellness brands MyBliss, The Knude Society, Our Remedy and Ruby Cup have joined forces to launch a Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle in a bid to support women’s health in the New Year. 

Studies show that women using hormonal contraception are at a higher risk of suffering from a lower sense of overall wellbeing and other side effects that can negatively affect their physical and mental health, including depression, vomiting and even ovarian cysts. Furthermore, approximately 33-44% of women change their birth control within 12 months of use. 

Meanwhile studies looking into period care show that 1 in 4 people who menstruate are using period products for longer than they should, putting them at a much higher risk of health conditions such as toxic shock syndrome. According to the same survey, 20% of people who menstruate are forced to cope by using makeshift materials, such as toilet roll or sponges.

In the hopes that it will empower women to go hormone-free, the ‘Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle’ will be launching this January and includes MyBliss ultra-thin condoms, Ruby Cup period underwear, The Knude Society Glide lube and Our Remedy magnesium supplements – all hormone free products made with women’s health in mind.


MyBliss founder, Mo Carrier said:

“We are so excited to launch the Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle. There is an increasing number of women choosing to come off hormonal contraception and looking for hormone-free wellness options. We wanted to support the health and wellbeing of these women. 

"Many people don’t realise that, when you’re on hormonal contraception you don’t have a period, instead you have withdrawal bleeding which is far lighter than a period and may not even cause cramps. To support women coming off hormonal contraception and suddenly having a period, and potentially menstrual cramps again, we wanted to build a bundle that includes period underwear brand and a magnesium supplement (which science suggests can help ease period cramps).

“We’re hoping this is just the start of us working with other female-founded brands to help support female health and wellbeing in all forms!” 


Our Remedy founder, Rachel Mason: 

“We're so excited to be part of something that champions not just sexual wellness but female founders. Breaking down taboo subjects, wellness and empowering women is at the heart of what we do.” 


The Knude Society founder, Emma Richardson-Gerrard: 

“This is women uplifting women. To be part of a bundle that not only is for women, but also brands that are female-founded is a dream. It's kicking 2024 off in style in a BIG way!” 


Ruby Cup CEO, Amaia Arranz

“At Ruby Life, we are passionate about access to information and choice. We are delighted to be part of a project that promotes to alternative and sustainable care products and amplifies the voices of independent, female-led initiatives.”


Sex and Menstrual Care Bundle, RRP: £35,or%20work%20during%20their%20period.


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