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"My mission to create the ideal condom...for women" feature in Yorkshire Live

We're excited to announce that we've been featured in Yorkshire Live and had our story printed on the first page of the Huddersfield Examiner. 

Lucy Marshall, journalist at Yorkshire Live, detailed our founder's journey into creating a condom that is #madebywomenforwomen. In the feature, Marshall writes about co-founder Mo's horrendous side effects from hormonal contraception and her decision with her partner (and MyBliss's co-founder) Joel to come off hormonal contraception. 

The article then goes on to introduce MyBliss condoms that "ensure the condoms are used the right way. They're simple and easy to open without having to rip the packaging, so as not to interrupt the 'mood.' Every element of the product from packaging to the ingredients inside is made with women in mind." 

The article has received an overwhelming positive response with individuals reaching out to the MyBliss team through the 'Say Hello' section on the website. 

One individual wrote: "I love the idea of more discreet and better designed condoms.The packaging is much classier and less industrially functional-feeling than most brands and it makes it so much more appealing to use. It seems to me that opening and putting one on would be a less disruptive experience, an end to "hold on while I put a condom on" and go with the flow a lot more. I think what you are doing is great and I'm sure a lot of men, like me, will also appreciate your product - I look forward to finding out for myself in due course!"

Another wrote: "I am an 84 yr old woman and was happy to hear of this new packet introduction. My first sexual experience involved an annoyingly noisy condom wrapper that, in the dark, was impossible to open and set my teeth on edge. My lovely boyfriend and I ended up laughing, as the mood dissipated. We married and had two sons and 46 happy years together before he passed away."

"Finally!" said a woman, "Thank you so much, such a refreshing change from the dreadful reminder of student fumblings!"

To read the full article, click here. If you'd like to reach out to MyBliss, click here

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