Low sex drive. Vaginal Dryness.

Our (Brief) Sexual Self-Care Guide

Sexual self-care should be more than just birth control and STI protection. It should also be about your pleasure, that's why we're called MyBliss®. In many relationships, male pleasure is prioritised so we've put together some ideas on how to explore what stimulates you. 

  • Build up the sexual tension throughout the day by sending each other flirty texts. Lots of people are aroused by the thought of their partner's desire for them. 
  • Smells can be sexually stimulating. Try lighting a candle or spraying some perfume/aftershave to set the mood. 
  • Make time for romance whether or not you've just started dating or you've been married for years. A date night can break through the monotony and add some passion to your sex life. 
  • Around 80% of women can't orgasm from penetrative sex alone. So it's important to give your clitoris lots of stimulation from either you or your partner's fingers / sex toys or your partner's tongue. 
  • Say what YOU want. Sex is all about exploration and finding out what bring you bliss. 

To get regular tips & tricks, follow @myblissofficial. We've included our brief sex positive guide in the leaflets in our condom boxes so you have it to hand at any time.

Our bodies and our sexual desires are all different so this is not at all a one size fits all guide. We want our journey to include an exploration of female bodies and pleasure so watch this space as we grow! MyBliss® is a collective so we'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you've learnt about your body and please. 

Love, the MyBliss® team x 

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