MyBliss Condoms Are Vegan Certified šŸŒ±

MyBliss Condoms Are Vegan Certified šŸŒ±

We're proud to announce that MyBliss condoms are now officially vegan certified. MyBliss condoms do NOTĀ contain any animal products. Our condoms are made from 100%Ā natural rubber latex and organic silicone oil. Silicone oil is a synthetic product using sand (Sio2, as a mineral) as its precursorĀ and is hypoallergenic to protect againstĀ irritation or infection.Ā 

At MyBliss, we're dedicated to making natural, vulva and vagina-safe health essentials that nurture and protect women's health.Ā MyBliss condoms do not contain gluten, casein, glycerin, parabens, spermicide or fragrances.

Mo Carrier, the co-founder of MyBliss announced: "We are so proud to say our condoms are now vegan certified. It took us three years to design and engineer MyBliss condoms after research into what women wanted from their birth control. From the beginning, we ensured our customers would have a vegan and biodegradable product. To be able to become officially vegan certified is a great moment in our company!"Ā 

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